Weather stations, professional grade,
for every environment.

Our weather instruments are used in the harshest environments imaginable and are consistently reliable. Airfields all over the world use our aviation weather stations. First responders use our emergency weather stations in hot zones. Armed forces worldwide use our military weather stations to keep their troops safe. With more than 30 years experience designing weather stations, professional and scientific, we've got you covered.

Words from CEO, Michael Baron


Aviation Weather Stations

We build AWOS, ASOS, AWSS, and SAWS stations for aviation that meet every demand, from simple automated remote locations, to fully staffed CAT III multiple runway airfields.

Military Weather Stations

We design and build meteorological solutions to respond to terrorist threats and for Homeland Security safety. Coastal's clients: the Air Force, Navy, FAA, Marines, Army, National Weather Service, and many Foreign Militaries.

Emergency Weather Stations

Coastal's quick-deployable hazmat weather stations, designed specifically for first responders, provide critical information on the dispersion of airborne substances.

Automatic Weather Stations

Coastal has weather stations at the North and South Poles, in deserts, rain forests, and even meteorological stations on ships and buoys. We build fixed base weather systems, tactical weather stations, and portable weather stations.